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Delivering a Quality Future for Aviation

The T-C-Alliance is a collaborative group comprising aviation training and consultancy organisations and recognised subject matter experts. 

Members of the T-C-Alliance are distinguished by two fundamental characteristics: unparalleled expertise in their respective fields and a unified commitment to "Delivering a Quality Future for Aviation."

Through strategic collaboration, the T-C-Alliance harnesses its collective insights and resources, thereby establishing itself as an integrated, holistic service provider for the aviation industry's multifaceted requirements.

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Our Vision is to create a ONE-STOP-SHOP for the aviation industry

Areas of Expertise

Currently the T-C-Alliance comprises of over 250 Subject Matter Experts working collaboratively.


We have the capabilities to fulfil all requirements through the expert knowledge, products and services of our members. Our members are all professional organisations and adhere to the maximum standards of quality assurance through our unique peer-to-peer auditing procedures as per our Quality Management System.

T-C-Alliance has dedicated specialists in these 6 areas



“The format of the training was new to us - but it really worked well with a good mix of in-person training and online participation from subject matter experts on specific issues."


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Our Members

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