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About the T-C-Alliance

Our MISSION is to use our diverse and extensive experience across the aviation sector to ensure a holistic approach to delivering quality solutions.

Our VISION is to actively promote a QUALITY future for aviation through collaborative innovation in the creation of a ONE-STOP-SHOP for the aviation industry.

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How it all began

During the peak of the global pandemic in 2020, the aviation sector faced unprecedented challenges, resulting in widespread layoffs. This unfortunate situation led many highly skilled professionals to pivot towards roles as trainers or consultants.

A significant hurdle emerged as many of these individuals lacked the essential business acumen required to effectively run their own enterprises. This included knowledge gaps in developing quality assurance processes, crafting training manuals, and attracting clientele.

In response to the dilution of training quality entering the market, the inception of the T-C-Alliance was marked by the unification of eight small training organisations. Their collective mission was to elevate the standard of training offered, fostering a robust network where personnel and professionals could engage in collaborative efforts, exchange expertise, and pool resources to enhance the quality and impact of their contributions to the aviation industry.

How does it work?

At present, the T-C-Alliance boasts a vibrant network of over 250 professionals, comprising both organisational representatives and individual experts, all united under a shared Code of Professional Conduct.


This collaborative environment fosters mutual support and partnership among its members.

The Alliance provides a dynamic platform designed to facilitate networking opportunities and mutual support, catering to the entrepreneurial and business needs of its members.

A cornerstone of the Alliance's ethos is the emphasis on collaborative projects, which are pivotal in upholding superior quality standards. It actively encourages its members to refine their professional capabilities through the exchange of knowledge and resources, while also promoting the concept of a 'Critical Friend' for constructive feedback.

Spanning the entire spectrum of the aviation industry, the T-C-Alliance stands as a comprehensive resource hub for aviation clients. It offers unparalleled expertise in training and consultancy, positioning itself as a one-stop solution for development needs within the sector.

What our logo represents

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Based upon Da Vinci's design for a perpetual engine, each element of our logo represents a "Pillar" of our business.

A perpetual engine can only work without stressors.


In the same sense, the T-C-Alliance can remove an organisation's stressors, allowing it to work more efficiently and effectively. 

The T-C-Alliance achieves this through its innovative business model, which is underpinned by collaboration, transparency and quality.

Social Enterprise

Concurrently, the T-C-Alliance operates with the ethos of a social enterprise, allocating approximately 10% of its annual profits to support philanthropic initiatives within the aviation community. This strategic balance not only fosters a sustainable and profitable framework for both the Alliance and its members but also aims at catalyzing economic growth across the sector.

Members of the T-C-Alliance are united by two core attributes: their exceptional skill in their respective domains and their shared commitment to "Delivering a Quality Future for Aviation." This fusion of social commitment and professional excellence underscores the Alliance's unique contribution to driving forward the advancement and well-being of the aviation industry.

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